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  • Ancestry on demand
  • You decide the extent
  • Many options
  • Both back and forth in time
  • Translations

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You decide the aim and extent

Ancestry on an hourly basus

You can decide what purpose you have, perhaps digging deeper or finding connections to famous persons. It can also have the intention to translate documents or letters, finding emigrated people's heritage.
Perhaps the bonds between the family in the States and Sweden have been broken for a century, and you want it to be restored.
Here you can see a flow chart that describes the idea of SasRoN, inspired by agile processes, where the project has a step-by-step progression and the interaction of the customer is of great value.

My concern is that you will feel comfortable with the result as well as the extent of the research.

Here you can see a flow chart that describes the idea of SasRoN, inspired by agile processes, where the project has a step-by-step progression and the interaction of the customer is of great value.

What you get - examples

A family tree, with the help of the starting facts that you can deliver concerning the last 70 years in Sweden.
It can also be a research of an ancestor, who emigrated from Sweden, and this person is the "proband" or starting individual of the tree.

You will get facts about birth, baptism, marriage, death, burials etc.
The titles and living places will also be noted.
Sometimes the birth of a child is noted without mentioning the father's name, and therefore that particular branch will be broken. That is unfortunately one of the obsticles upon reserach, as it is with archived that have been lost, caused by fire or other damages.
However, the swedish archives are among the most well kept in the world and the possibilites are much bigger than the hinders.

Perhaps you want to get information about siblings and their marriages. 

The swedish census'es from 1970, 1980 and 1990 can tell what people that lived in the same household at that point, but are no proofs to the biological connections between the individuals. 
It is not possible to get access to primary sources younger that 70 years, unless you for example order estate invetories. 

When using secondary sources like Swedish Death Index 1901-2013 or the census'es, it will be notes in the sources list.

Without extra costs, you might get a GEDCOM file over the researched family. 

Online resources

There are many resources on the net, introducing you to Swedish ancestry.
One of the subsciption services that I use in my research is Arkiv Digital.
They also have some useful tutorials on their website.

On Facebook there are some useful resources about Swedish-American genealogy. I started the Swedish American Genealogy Group many years ago, and I have helped lots of americans and swedes with their ancestry over the years.

SVAR is another subscription service with lots of free resources. It belongs to the Swedish state.


Comments from Clients

Mary McKinley Graham, Oregon: 
"I have never before felt comfortable enough to request genealogy research to be done by someone that I did not know let alone living in a different country.
When I came across Patrik Sassersson as a researcher for the Swedish American Genealogy Group on Facebook, I sent him a message asking the best way to find out information in the Swedish records on my family.
After I sent him the information I had, he very willingly started looking through the records. I was extremely pleased with his research knowledge, the quick turnaround, the amount of information I received, the Swedish records being deciphered into English and the very readable way the information was sent to me. 
I believe that what he charges is very reasonable and I will definitely request the services of Patrik again as I continue with my research."

Angela McCracken, Mexiko
My goodness, we have cousins in Sweden! Our families were separated when my then-14-year-old Grandpa Ericson (orig. Eriksson, thanks Ellis Island) left for America. The amazing Patrik Sassersson did genealogical research for us and put us in touch, I can't recommend his services enough if you have Swedish roots.
Thank you Patrik!

About me

After having started with ancestry as a teenager, the interest grew rapidly when it was possible to do reserach over the net, making the work much easier.
I have now come to a point when I am willing to help others with their ancestry and therefore I started the small company "SasRoN", that is registered for taxes in Sweden.
I can offer my long training and experience of searching the archives and reading the old handwriting. My personal database consists of 45.000 people, so I have got plenty of practise.

Im am also a professional church musician, thus the "Notes" in the company name.

Link to the Family Tree of my own.